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OBB freight train

Test track for autonomous trains in Austria

Austria has prepared a 25-kilometer long stretch of railway for the testing of autonomous trains in a realistic environment. The Ministry of Traffic supports the project with 16 million Euros. The line is situated between...Read more
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Freight traffic between Casablanca-Marrakesh. Photo credit: Moroccan national railway operator ONCF

Double track for railway Casablanca-Marrakesh

The Moroccan government has started the construction of a second track on part of the Casablanca-Marrakesh railway line, after the African Development Bank (AfDB) had granted it a 95.2 million Euros loan in 2016. The...Read more
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Renfe freight train

Renfe Mercancías cuts losses by 46.5 per cent

Renfe Mercancías, the rail freight subsidiary of  Spanish National Railway Company Renfe, witnessed a significant improvement of business results in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period last year. The company reported...Read more
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Chinese rail freight train to Europe. Licensed to London News Pictures. 18/01/2017. London, UK. Photo credit: Peter Macdiarmid/LNP

New rail freight link China-Russia launched

A new freight train service between China and Europe started last week, linking the north-western Chinese province of Qinghai with the European part of Russia. The connection is to enhance the competitiveness of local goods...Read more
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Train on the Silk Road

New rail freight service Warsaw-Ganzhou

A new freight train service linking Warsaw with Ganzhou was launched last week. It is one of many new links between Europe and China, but among the first linking eastern China’s Jiangxi Province with the...Read more
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Aurizon multimodal train in Queensland. Photo credit: Luke Cossins

Aurizon exits intermodal freight businesses

Australian’s largest rail freight company Aurizon has announced to sell its intermodal freight business in Queensland, as well as cease its interstate intermodal freight operations. Binding agreements for the sale have been made with Linfox...Read more
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