Faster wagon damage reporting: how can it be achieved?

InterviewMarcus Roth is a software developer based in Frankfurt, and Thomas Heydenreich is a rail freight consultant based in Hamburg. Together, they ‘digitally’ founded RailAppSolutions to improve the exchange of information concerning wagon damage reports....Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi

Parallel Systems deploys automated platooning railcars

Parallel Systems publicly showcased for the first time its platooning operation with autonomous battery-electric rail vehicles on 20 December. Separate Parallel railcars connect with each other through bumper-to-bumper contact and are able to form platoons...Read more
|1 comment|author: Esther Geerts

How can railway monitoring improve?

In Europe, demand for available rail infrastructure continues to increase sharply. Indeed, further modal shift towards this more sustainable type of transportation is a key element to reaching climate targets. Continuous monitoring of rail assets...Read more
|Comment|author: Emma Dailey