A map with possible alternative routes is available for traffic impacted by the accident on the Rhine Valley railway in Germany. A bridge near Augen collapsed, and a freight train collided with the concrete structure on Thursday evening. The railway line between Freiburg in Germany and Basel in Switzerland is affected by this accident. The route between Freiburg and Basel will...Read more
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Fluctuating oil price and rail freight

Something has been turning the world economy on its head lately. It is not what you think. Set aside all the headlines about pandemics and infection rates. If there is one thing that can affect...Read more
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International North-South Transport Corridor

Russia stops work on vital railway project Iran

Russian Railways has stopped its infrastructure activities in Iran. It made this announcement today, 2 April. Its subsidiary RZD International was working on the electrification of the vital Garmsar – Inche Bourun railway line. This...Read more
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DC Rail staying busy for UK future economy

Rail freight operators who have adapted best to the radical changes brought about by Coronavirus crisis are seeing busy timetables and order books. Many operators agree that the answer to the crisis is to keep...Read more
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