Rio Tinto has achieved a significant milestone with the first delivery of iron ore by an autonomous train in Pilbara, Western Australia. The self-driving freight train travelled over 280 kilometres from Rio Tinto’s mining operations in Tom Price to the port of Cape Lambert on 10 July. The company plans to start full operations of the autonomous journey by the...Read more
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Gateway Basel Nord. Photo: Youtube

100 million Euros injected in Gateway Basel Nord

The Swiss government has committed to invest 71 million Euros (83 million Swiss francs) in Gateway Basel Nord. In addition, Gateway Basel Nord AG (GBN) is contributing another 40 million Euros (47 million Swiss francs),...Read more
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GATX locomotive. Photo: Wikipedia

Wagon keepers want more support for quiet trains

With quiet routes covering a considerable part of the European railway network post-2020, wagon keepers are bound to invest in the phasing out of noisy trains. However, wagon keepers do not necessarily reap the economic...Read more
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Bombardier Presents the New TRAXX 3 Locomotive Platform 1. Photo: Bombardier

New Bombardier Traxx 3 platform

Bombardier Transportation introduced its new Bombardier Traxx 3 platform at the Kassel site in Germany last week. The locomotive platform has three different versions. The Traxx MS3 is the most innovative locomotive Bombardier recently launched...Read more
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