The UK Union Connectivity Review, published today (Friday 26 November), has recommended improved rail freight at British ports to maximise the economic potential of the government-backed freeport network. The UK government commissioned the Review to examine existing infrastructure links between the four nations of the United Kingdom (UK). Other recommendations include a direct call to improve the northern section of...Read more
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METRANS: our German network is growing

METRANS gets also Germany covered. “Our network there is still growing, also in Germany”, said Petr Lanka, CCO at the intermodal operator. The latest addition was the terminal of Gernsheim last year. But this does...Read more
|Comment|author: Nikos Papatolios

Sugar sweet success for DC Rail

After a few bumps along the way, independent UK operator DCRail and East Anglian road haulier Rory J Holbrook work together to bring a new bulk flow to the railways. Even though it’s a foodstuff...Read more
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No trains from China stop in Lithuania anymore

In recent months, the situation between Lithuania and China created many questions regarding rail freight transport between the two countries. Contradicting information said that rail traffic between the two countries will stop. Currently, China-Europe trains...Read more
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New player enters Russian infrastructure service market

Sinara Transport Machines Holding (STM) established a new railway infrastructure division to offer infrastructure maintenance services in Russia starting from 2022. Russian Railways will be the new company’s primary customer, but it aims to expand...Read more
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Freight objections to passengers in Wales

A much-improved passenger service connecting communities in Wales and England may not go ahead unless a solution can be found to accommodate rail freight. Despite new trains already on delivery, willingness from the devolved government...Read more
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