Egypt has announced plans to build a railway line offering an alternative to the Suez Canal. The line will connect the Port of Alexandria and Damietta on the Mediterranean coast to the Port of Nuweiba on the Red Sea. It will be the first land bridge between the Meditarranian and Red Sea, as well as a new railway connection between...Read more
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Panel discussion about the amendments to the Combined Transport Directive

Deadline for amendments to Combined Transport Directive

The European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee Rapporteur, Daniela Aiuto, has delivered her report to the European Commission with at least 27 amendments to the Combined Transport Directive. The deadline for suggesting amendments to this legislative...Read more
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Freight operation in Spain. Photo: SNCF

SNCF Geodis wants to take over Spanish COMSA

SNCF Geodis, a subsidiary of the French SNCF Logistics, has offered to purchase all stakes of the Spanish rail freight company COMSA Rail Transport, a subsidiary of the COMSA EMTE Group. SNCF Geodis currently holds...Read more
|Comment|author: Jose Gutierrez

No cross-border mega trucks in the EU

The cross-border transport of longer and heavier trucks will not be permitted in the EU. This was confirmed in a trialogue meeting of the EU, after it was decided by the transport committee of the...Read more
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Map with Iran and Inner Mongolia

New Iran-China rail freight connection

A new freight train service connecting China and Iran became operative last Thursday, 10 May. It departed from Bayannur city in north China’s Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region and left for Tehran, the capital of the...Read more
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A Ferromex locomotive

Manzanillo tunnel in Mexico to be completed

Manzanillo rail freight tunnel in Mexico will opened in June this year. The 105.2 million Euros project is essential in strengthening the rail freight connectivity of the Port of Manzanillo with the Mexican Pacific coast. The...Read more
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