Dartford based UK logistics company Davies Turner has set a new record delivery time with its first train since reestablishing a direct freight import service from China. With a punctuality performance that would be the envy of most passenger operators, a UK operator has shaved seven days off the scheduled arrival of its first intermodal containers. With the exception of the...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

Is HS2 jeopardised by Coronavirus?

A court case on environmental grounds has been dismissed but fresh a fresh challenge has arisen to the viability of the HS2 project. Doubts over future demand could negate the need for a new railway line...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

New fresh route between Spain and UK launched

Transfesa Logistics has launched a new refrigerated transport express by train from Spain to Great Britain. The two new routes run from Valencia and Murcia to Great Britain, and are catered to the current demand...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen

Rail enthusiasts: you may now spot your trains at home

The railway-dedicated arm of law enforcement, the British Transport Police, has praised Railcam, a network of enthusiast-maintained lineside cameras. They are appreciated for their ‘spotting at home’ initiative for helping people observe coronavirus lockdown, and...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton