Latvia wants to strengthen its presence on the Eurasian rail freight market. High volumes of traffic on the Trans-Siberian route via Poland and Belarus form an opportunity for Latvia to provide an alternative transit to and from the Asian continent, according to the national railway company Latvijas dzelzceļš (LDz). “The route that goes through Brest, travelled by 5,000 trains annually, has...Read more
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Chris Grayling. Source: UK government

UK reveals railway spending 2019-2024

The UK government has announced to allocate a budget of 54 billion Euros (47.9 billion pounds) for the railway industry from 2019 to 2024. This includes funding for the further development of the rail freight...Read more
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Dominico Raguseo

‘A cyber attack always leaves a trace’

A rugged dream box represents an entire railway system for IBM’s Domenico Raguseo and MERMEC S.p.A’s Domenico Scardicchio. It is a prototype, used to visualise the security elements required in the complex IT infrastructure of...Read more
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