Amy Pressland, specialist HR project manager at DB Cargo

Why women do not work in railway

Only fifteen per cent of UK’s rail industry workforce is female. Furthermore, of all train drivers in the UK only six per cent is a woman. In Scotland, female train drivers represent only four per...Read more
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Chris Grayling. Source: UK government

UK reveals railway spending 2019-2024

The UK government has announced to allocate a budget of 54 billion Euros (47.9 billion pounds) for the railway industry from 2019 to 2024. This includes funding for the further development of the rail freight...Read more
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Dominico Raguseo

‘A cyber attack always leaves a trace’

A rugged dream box represents an entire railway system for IBM’s Domenico Raguseo and MERMEC S.p.A’s Domenico Scardicchio. It is a prototype, used to visualise the security elements required in the complex IT infrastructure of...Read more
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Rio Tinto's autonomous freight train

First fully autonomous train ride in Australia

Rio Tinto has successfully completed the first fully autonomous rail journey at its iron ore operations in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. The nearly hundred kilometer pilot run was completed without a driver on...Read more
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Vectron with load shortly after Kander Tunnel. Source: Siemens

Vectron MS-locomotive enters Dutch railway

The Vectron MS-locomotive of Siemens has officially been permitted to operate on the Dutch railway network. The permission was granted by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate after the completion of a long and extensive...Read more
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OBB freight train

Test track for autonomous trains in Austria

Austria has prepared a 25-kilometer long stretch of railway for the testing of autonomous trains in a realistic environment. The Ministry of Traffic supports the project with 16 million Euros. The line is situated between...Read more
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Siemens and Alstom light rail vehicle

Siemens and Alstom confirm merger

German industrial group Siemens and French rival Alstom confirmed to merge their rail operations last week. The joint venture is to be named Siemens Alstom. Fifty per cent will be owned by Siemens and Alstom...Read more
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