Siemens office building

Siemens Digital Logistics merges with Locom Software

Siemens Digital Logistics and Locom Software have completed their corporate merger on 14 December. Effective immediately, these consolidated companies are operating under the brand name Siemens Digital Logistics, which is the legal successor firm of...Read more
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Milling activity, illustrative

Vossloh acquires milling business Strabag Rail

German rail technology company Vossloh acquired the rail milling unit of another German enterprise Strabag Rail. Four milling machines and around 30 employees strengthened Vossloh’s business and allowed it to position itself as a leading...Read more
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Renfe to sell 71 locomotives and 1,434 wagons

Spanish national railway company Renfe is planning to sell 71 rail freight locomotives and 1,434 wagons. The total fleet must earn the company a minimum of 17.5 million Euros. Renfe will organise the sale via an...Read more
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Rail freight train Renfe. Photo credit: Renfe

Renfe Mercancías to start partial privatisation

Renfe Mercancías, the freight arm of the Spanish national rail company Renfe, is ready to enter a partnership. It has contracted an external assessor to select the partnering company. This assessor is a working group consisting...Read more
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The Bombardier Traxx Multi-System Locomotive. Photo: Bombardier

Bombardier to deliver 33 Traxx locomotives to Akiem

Worldwide rolling stock manufacturer Bombardier Transportation will deliver 33 Traxx locomotives to European leasing company Akiem between 2019 and 2021. The 112-million Euros order includes three types: Traxx MS 2 (multi-system), Traxx AC 3 (alternating...Read more
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