A 118 kilometer section of railway between the Polish cities of Siedlce and Terespol will be modernised, in an effort to improve the technical parameters of a line that directly connects to the most important border station between Poland and Belarus. The Terespol/Brest border crossing is the main gateway of rail freight traffic between Europe and Asia. It is an element...Read more
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Vectron with load shortly after Kander Tunnel. Source: Siemens

Vectron MS-locomotive enters Dutch railway

The Vectron MS-locomotive of Siemens has officially been permitted to operate on the Dutch railway network. The permission was granted by the Human Environment and Transport Inspectorate after the completion of a long and extensive...Read more
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Freight train in Tilburg

New freight service Tilburg-Rzepin

A new freight service was launched between Tilburg in the Netherlands and Rzepin in Poland. The service consists of a joint corridor, partly via rail and partly over road. With the service, road freight traffic...Read more
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