Rail transport of dangerous chemicals through the Netherlands may face ‘route enforcements’ if measures announced by Dutch government are to be implemented end of this year. Secretary of State Sharon Dijksma (Infrastructure) has proposed to ban certain freight from two main rail lines forcing rail operators to the Betuwe route, a corridor considered to be a safer option. Rail freight...Read more
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UTLC launches new container route Poland-China

UTLC JCS and Belintertrans-Germany LLC have launched a new container route between Poland and China via the Belarusian border crossing Kuznitsa/Bruzgi last week, in cooperation with Belarusian Railways’s  Baranovichi Division. The container train departed on 31th of...Read more
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Joël Danard

Light rail network used for freight transport

In several European cities the light rail network is being used for the transportation of various goods through the city. The latest experiments have been carried out in the city of Saint-Étienne over the past...Read more
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Railrunner Europe

Railrunner block train operative in Europe

The European subsidiary of the American intermodal freight company RailRunner has started operations of its block train connection between the cities of Bratislava and Braunschweig. In both directions, a train departed on Monday evening for its...Read more
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