Topic: Hupac Intermodal

Hupac transports P400s between Munich-Brescia

A new route is added in Hupac’s transalpine network. This time the company launches an intermodal service with a P400 semitrailers profile between the München Riem terminal in Germany and the Montirone terminal in Brescia,...Read more
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Hupac becomes operator of Novara CIM terminal

Hupac will take over the operations of the Novara CIM terminal in northern Italy starting on 18 October. The intermodal company will manage the terminal’s operations through Combiconnect, a subsidiary established for this purpose.Read more
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Hupac outsets wave of intermodal expansion

Hupac finds itself in a race of expanding its network and services. The intermodal rail operator has many new projects in the pipeline concerning new regional and international connections. Moreover, it has plans for new...Read more
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