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VR Group wants more Metsa cargo on trains

Finnish state-owned railway company VR Group and Finnish forest industry group Metsa Group agreed on shifting more goods from road to rail to reduce their CO2 emissions. According to VR Group, this measure would lead...Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi

Why rail sidings can transform German rail freight

ANALYSISThe discussion around Germany’s carbon neutrality and modal shift to rail intensifies. Currently, the public discourse involving transport associations and governmental plans focuses on how rail sidings could help companies use more rail and provide...Read more
|1 comment|author: Nikos Papatolios

‘Railways underexposed at climate summit’

Rail was too low on the agenda at the climate summit in Glasgow. “Let’s move people and not cars”, say the European Public Transport Association and international rail industry association UITP and UIC to the...Read more
|Comment|author: Esther Geerts

A spark of rail freight at COP26 in Glasgow

A convincing speech advocating rail freight was held by CEO of Lineas Geert Pauwels at the climate summit in Glasgow this Thursday morning. “To achieve the climate targets, rail transport is an indispensable link.” Pauwels...Read more
|1 comment|author: Jerom Rozendaal