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More traffic, less income for Renfe Mercancias

The Spanish rail freight company Renfe Mercancías witnessed a slight increase in traffic volumes despite its financial losses in Q1 2019. The volumes surged to 4.64 million tonnes in the first three months, an increase...Read more
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Spain to invest 3 billion Euros in new trains

Spanish railway undertaking Renfe will start acquiring new trains in 2019 with a budget totalling 3 billion Euros. This is part of a larger project, aiming for an upgrade of Renfe’s passenger and cargo trains. A...Read more
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Renfe to sell 71 locomotives and 1,434 wagons

Spanish national railway company Renfe is planning to sell 71 rail freight locomotives and 1,434 wagons. The total fleet must earn the company a minimum of 17.5 million Euros. Renfe will organise the sale via an...Read more
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Rail freight train Renfe. Photo credit: Renfe

Renfe Mercancías to start partial privatisation

Renfe Mercancías, the freight arm of the Spanish national rail company Renfe, is ready to enter a partnership. It has contracted an external assessor to select the partnering company. This assessor is a working group consisting...Read more
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Market share fall for Spanish rail freight

Rail freight had only a 1.4 per cent market share in the Spanish transport market in 2016, according to the Anti-trust Spanish Authority (CNMC). The Spanish rail freight industry´s incomes totalled 290 million Euros, way...Read more
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Renfe freight train

Renfe Mercancías cuts losses by 46.5 per cent

Renfe Mercancías, the rail freight subsidiary of  Spanish National Railway Company Renfe, witnessed a significant improvement of business results in the first half of 2017, compared to the same period last year. The company reported...Read more
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Spain’s Renfe seeks European intermodal partner

SNCF and Deutsche Bahn are favourites to become a partner of Renfe Mercancías, Spain’s national rail freight operator, which is looking to expand its cross-border connections. The Spanish Government is due to start assessing potential candidates...Read more
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