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Assurances sought over Great British Railways

The rail supply sector, represented by the Railway Industry Association, has set out what it calls five ‘tests’ for Great British Railways, the new overarching body, expected to take over the management of the railway...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

UK appoints new rail minister: Wendy Morton

The new rail minister for the UK is Wendy Morton, a member of parliament for Aldridge-Brownhills, a constituency in the West Midlands of England. Heaton-Harris has taken on the portfolio of minister of State for...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

Railway industry confidence returns in UK

The uncertainty of the pandemic left almost every sector of the UK economy in a state of uncertainty and gloom. However, new polling has revealed that confidence in the rail industry has returned to pre-2019...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton