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How the modular freight wagon became the standard

Ten years ago, manufacterer Wascosa presented its first modular freight wagon. Recently, the 500th wagon was delivered.  Today, the trend is firmly towards modular freight wagons, the company says, adding that this was much different...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen
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Wascosa adds 200 more wagons to fleet

Swiss wagon leasing firm Wascosa has bought the fleet of Hamburg-based Kurt Nitzer KG. It includes about 200 chemical and pressurized gas tank cars. This latest deal follows Wascosa’s recent purchase of a further 1,700 wagons...Read more
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Wascosa expands wagon fleet

Wascosa, the Switzerland-based freight wagon leasing firm, is expanding its fleet with the purchase of 1,700 new wagons. This investment in new rolling stock will also further bring down the average age of its fleet...Read more
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