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It’s official: LDB’s bankruptcy allegations were false

exclusiveThe filing for bankruptcy for Bahnoperator Austria and Bahnoperator Polska’s holding company, Lienzer Dolomiten Beteiligungsgesellschaft (LDB), had no grounds. This was ruled by the Innsbruck Court, as Marcel Stein, one of LDB’s majority shareholders told...Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi

China takes another step closer to Italy

A new Silk Road route is now connecting China with a hub in Melzo (Milan), in Italy. The service is powered by Italian shipping company Contship Italia and German rail freight company Bahnoperator GmbH.Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi
Night picture of the Bdll Tower (Dong Liu) in Xi'an, China

Bahnoperator launches new China-UK link

A brand new Silk Road route, connecting the UK with Xi’an, has been initiated by Bahnoperator, the Duisburg based logistics specialists. The block train service utilises the established Baltic Sea Bridge route via the port...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

European shippers get one more link to Japan and Korea

Another new rail-sea link has been launched connecting European traders with markets in Japan and Korea. Beijing Trans Eurasia (TE) and Bahnoperator started operating the eastbound Europe-Dalian blocktrain. From the Chinese port of Dalian, ships...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen

China-UK service via Kaliningrad to go eastbound

The latest UK service from Xi’an to the port of Immingham will become available for eastbound services. This was reported by Bahnoperator, the company providing railway traction on the European part of the journey. The...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen