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Souped up ’66 DB Cargo’s tasty treat

Heavier loads, greater pulling power. Weight for weight, the workhorse Class 66 diesel is already one fo the most powerful locomotives to have turned out on British rails. Now, DB Cargo UK has decided, enough...Read more
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Academic meeting with delegates and laptops

Rail Freight Group opens mentoring scheme

The Rail Freight Group (RFG), the UK rail freight trade association, has announced the launch of its 2024 cross-member mentoring programme. The initiative aims to foster skill development and industry knowledge among its members. The...Read more
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iWagon visualisation - a long modern blue liveried hopper wagon

Digital freight wagon sets out on UK trial

Leasing company VTG Rail UK and Knorr-Bremse Rail Systems have introduced Britain to what they call a digital freight wagon. The partners have unveiled an example of rolling stock that’s connected to more than just...Read more
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Jumbo train at Dove Holes signal box

Freightliner jumbo trains anniversary

Freightliner’s ‘two for one’ deal has passed the milestone of its first year of operations. The carrier has been running their ‘jumbo’ trains for over twelve months, combining two bulk aggregates trains into one working...Read more
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UK’s Holy Grail could be retractable electric supply

A ground-breaking design incorporating retractable overhead electric traction could be the answer that the UK rail freight industry has been waiting for. A collaboration between Swiss-headquartered engineering specialists Furrer and Frey, aggregates company Tarmac, and...Read more
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Spark of genius at UK cement plant

Construction company Tarmac is collaborating with electrical engineering specialists Furrer+Frey to develop a retractable overhead electrical supply system suitable for freight terminals. The chosen site for trials is at Dunbar near Edinburgh, where Tarmac operates...Read more
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Night shot of Tarmac 'jumbo train' hauled by Freightliner

UK Freightliner goes large for aggregates…again

The UK operator Freightliner, part of the American-owned Genesee & Wyoming corporation, has successfully completed a trial running of another ‘Jumbo’ aggregates service between the Peak District and London for customers Tarmac. At nearly 4000...Read more
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