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Nevomo extends its scope within and outside the EU

Nevomo, a Polish company specialised in hyperloop-inspired technologies, is expanding its presence both in Europe and India. When it comes to the Old Continent, the company partnered up with the Institute of Hyperloop Technology (IHT)...Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi

Russia and Iran finalising Rasht-Astara agreement

Russia and Iran are reportedly finalising an agreement for the Rasht-Astara railway. The line in northern Iran is a crucial missing piece for the western branch of the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC). According to...Read more
|Comment|author: Dennis van der Laan

Metal theft causes train delays and increased costs for DB

Metal thefts increasingly disrupt Deutsche Bahn’s (DB) freight transportation operations. Thieves are especially interested in removing copper cables, thus causing substantial damage to German railway infrastructure. The damage, in turn, results in significant delays for...Read more
|Comment|author: Chengfan Zhao

Turkmenistan officially joins the INSTC

The Russian government has agreed to have Turkmenistan join the International North-South Transport Corridor (INSTC). The addition of Turkmenistan offers an alternative route on the eastern branch of the corridor that would bypass Azerbaijan.Read more
|Comment|author: Marco Raimondi

Can India teach some lessons on rail freight policy?

ANALYSISIndia’s rail freight market is unique in many ways. The country has an established and fully functional network of dedicated freight corridors, double-stack trains and ambitious plans to shift substantial freight volumes on the rail....Read more
|Comment|author: Nikos Papatolios