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The tunnel in Rastatt is filled with concrete over a stretch of 50 metres in an effort to stabilize sunken railway tracks, source: Hollandse Hoogte

Rail Freight Forward coalition implements Handbook

In its vision paper “30 by 2030” the Rail Freight Forward coalition (RFF) has committed to adopt and implement a Contingency Management Handbook. This Handbook outlines harmonised international contingency measures whenever major disruptions happen on...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen
PKP operated locomotive. Photo: Pixabay

ERFA: State Aid Guidelines are outdated

The European Rail Freight Association (ERFA) wants the State Aid Guidelines for Railway Undertakings revised. The set of standards must be modernised, to take into consideration developments in the rail freight sector over the past...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen

‘SNCB and Infrabel should not be reunited’

The two Belgian state-owned railway companies, SNCB and Infrabel, may be joined into a single company. The first being a passenger railway firm while the other an infrastructure manager, the proposed union has sparked fierce...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen