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Are England’s ports ready for a shift to rail?

The UK government has mandated a net-zero carbon economy by 2050. However, with Britain’s trade largely conducted through the country’s ports and most forwarding undertaken by road, is the maritime industry ready to answer the...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

DB Cargo UK on the cooking oil again

Hot on the buffers of their last foray into sustainable fuels, DB Cargo UK has announced another new trial. This time the Doncaster-based operator has teamed up with Maritime Intermodal and conducted evaluation trials of...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton

I am the Backbone, says DB Cargo

Big red goes bold black to state its support of the UK economy. A brand new livery, familiar already on Continental Europe, has come to the UK. In a personal letter from chief executive Andrea...Read more
|Comment|author: Simon Walton