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Can Turkey become China’s Eurasian game changer?

ANALYSISCloser trade relations with Turkey and its better integration within the Belt and Road Initiative seem to be in China’s immediate plans. The 3rd China-Turkey Communication Forum held on 26 September brought up some interesting...Read more
|Comment|author: Nikos Papatolios

China-Europe trains reach 10,000 milestone

The number of China-Europe freight train trips in 2022 hit the 10,000 mark on Sunday, 21 August. Last year, this milestone was reached ten days later, according to the China State Railway Group. Although growth...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen

G7 and EU plan a new BRI in the making?

The G7, the big leaders of the world, and the EU have pledged to raise 600 billion US dollars (634.56 billion euros) over five years to finance needed infrastructure in developing countries. In the west,...Read more
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