LTG Cargo Ukraine is ready to put freight on the rails

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LTG Cargo Ukraine, the Ukrainian subsidiary of LTG Cargo (Lithuanian Railways), has started providing freight forwarding services. The company established a year ago is now able to transport cargo to and from Ukraine to Lithuania and the port of Klaipeda.

LTG Cargo seems to be opening new gateways through its subsidiaries. After investing in Poland and LTG Cargo Polska, its Ukrainian branch is now ready to establish new rail routes by offering complete services that allow customers to save themselves from the hurdle of dealing with multiple parties.

“Our main advantage is the ability to cover a wide area of ​​cargo transportation. For customers who transport cargo between Lithuania and Ukraine, we can offer the entire route both in Ukraine and Lithuania. This means that for customers who want to transport cargo, it will be enough to have one forwarding partner instead of two or three in each country,” said Eglė Šimė, the head of LTG Cargo.

“If Belarus is not an option, we go through Poland”

The much-discussed ‘transit war’ between Lithuania and Belarus will not affect the subsidiary’s services, according to Šimė. As it’s already known, Lithuania banned the transit of Belarusian fertilisers from its territory. As a response, Belarus announced a ban on transit trains carrying oil products and fertilisers coming from Lithuania.

The latest ban does not seem to impact trains travelling from Ukraine to Lithuania yet. LTG Cargo Ukraine will be able to reach Lithuania via Belarus. Still, even if, at some point, this is not the case anymore, “we will seek to ensure transit opportunities through Poland,” explained Šimė.

Indeed, following Belarus’ ban on Lithuanian trains carrying oil and fertilisers, Poland seems to be the most viable option to divert traffic to and from Ukraine. LTG Cargo Ukraine could facilitate traffic through the new corridor, while in combination with LTG Cargo Polska, LTG could cover transportation along the whole route.

There are no concrete facts yet to determine whether Poland will be the new gateway for Lithuania. However, negotiations are underway, and soon the market will know their results. is closely monitoring the topic and will provide detailed updates soon.

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