RailFreight Webinar: How can Combined Transport help during the coronavirus pandemic?

Following the previous RailFreight Webinars ‘the impact of Wuhan’s closure on the New Silk Road‘ and ‘China closure update‘ we will be giving you another update on the effects of the COVID-19 virus on the rail freight industry in general. This webinar takes place on Friday the 20th March at 13.00 CET.

In this webinar we focus on how combined transport can help during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The logistics sector and their customers can be assured that intermodal transport operations remain up and running and transshipment terminals remain open. This was the commitment made when the virus broke out in Italy, and it is still valid today, when Europe is the epicentre of the global coronavirus pandemic.

Intermodal operators across Europe have taken measures to ensure this continuance. Terminals are as much as possible ‘contactless’, and the journey involves very little human interaction. During this webinar experts from the combined transport industry will speak about:

  • Prevention measures taken to upkeep business continuity
  • Disruption and problems experienced so far
  • How the intermodal sector serves the European economy during the coronaviurs crisis


Editor of RailFreight.com, Tobias Pieffers, will have a live conversation with experts to give you an update on the situation. The following speakers are confirmed:

  • Akos Ersek, Chief Policy Advisor at UIRR
  • Dennis de Roo, Managing Director at Van Donge en de Roo
  • Jacky Yan, Vice President, Head of Rail and Intermodal BU at Chinatrans International
  • Francesco Russo, Head of Customer and Customs Services at Hupac


Date and time

The webinar takes place on Friday the 20th March at 13.00 CET. You can watch the webinar from your own device (laptop, tablet, phone) by registering for the event below. The webinar is free to attend.


This webinar is offered to you by UIRR: