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  • Hupac Intermodal SA

    t. 41 58 855 88 00
    Hupac is Europe's leading intermodal network operator with a transport volume of 1.1 million road consignments per year. For over fifty years, we have pioneered innovative and reliable rail transport services, thus making a key contribution to modal shift and environment protection.
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  • METRANS, a.s.

    Podleská 926, 104 00 Praha, | Czech Republic
    METRANS is one of the market leaders in intermodal transport. We do what it takes to take sea container ships further to inland Europe, connect numerous intermodal terminals with our shuttle trains, or make sure the products to and from the Silk Road get delivered faster and more reliably to Europe...
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  • Rail Cargo Group

    A-1100 Vienna, Am Hauptbahnhof 2 | Austria
    Thanks to our traction companies in 13 European countries, our presence in 18 countries, our own terminals and logistics centres, our fleet and staff, the majority of our transports are 100 % in our hands. The TransFER starts, we take care of your additional logistics services and demands, such as...
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