Freight train speeds through a station at night

Moving UK’s logistics market to high-speed rail

There was added impetus to this week’s conference of stakeholders in Britain’s high-speed rail industry. There was much talk of the recent revelations that the London to Birmingham HS2 high-speed railway project would be subject...Read more
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Train being loaded with construction spoil on the HS2 project site

High Speed Two or Low Speed One for freight?

The upcoming review of Britain’s high-speed railway project could provide unexpected benefits for rail freight. The massive project to build a new line between London and Birmingham is to come under scrutiny again, as costs...Read more
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Long shot of line of tank wagons painted green and standing in a siding at Gascoigne Wood

Tanker wagons roll into UK history

Four wheels on my wagon. A rake of historic two-axle tank wagons has just been retired from active service. They were moved on their last trip from Scotland to the MCL Group sidings near Selby...Read more
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