UK’s Network Rail plays the green card

The British infrastructure management agency has launched a promotional drive to highlight its environmental greening of the railway. Network Rail has put its weight behind an awareness campaign, informing the nation of the social and...Read more
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Britain has a new rail minister

The UK government reshuffle may be a work in progress, but there is one more post holder on board. Kevin Foster may be a new name to the rail fraternity, but he is a well-known...Read more
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What is the future for UK’s royal train?

With the solemn formalities concluded for the funeral of Queen Elizabeth, the royal household is looking very much to the future. The new monarch will have a daunting list of priorities, and a long list...Read more
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New UK Transport Secretary: You’ve got mail

With national events overtaking the cabinet reshuffle, the new UK transport secretary has still to have an appointed rail minister join her team at the Department for Transport. However, Anne-Marie Trevelyan is already a week...Read more
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