RailFreifght UK Christmas Special 2022

For the first time in history, RailFreight.com will tailor its focus on the UK railway industry and release a full-colour digital magazine. The digital magazine will be served as the Christmas gift to over 10,000 loyal British readers, and industry elite worldwide who have a close business relation with the UK. Get a position in the magazine and share your story!


The Publication date is set to be 15th Dec, 2022 worldwide.

The composition will take place between Monday 31 October and Friday 25 November 2022.

What it’s about:

  • Company wishes – Unique company reports on the newest market development and business wishes in the upcoming year.
  • Freight market – climate change legislation, reliability, corporate social responsibility, profit centres and capital expenditure
  • Technology – the implementation of digital technology and its impact on the operations of the railway; how that drives economic growth; how that drives career prospects
  • Governance – how the railway is managed; the new Great British Railways management structure; the future relationship with freight operating companies; possible change of government in the UK

Why advertise in the RailFreight UK ?

  • A tailored report/ interview with one of our editors.
  • A 1/1 page full-colour advertisement in the RailFreight UK
  • Reach decision makers in all segments of UK transport & logistics
  • The UK Xmas Special is also sent as an e-magazine to 30,000 recipients
  • All articles will be published on RailFreight.com
  • Interview available for personal use afterwards
  • Special package rate for the first edition!

Reach the following target groups:

Rail Operators, Rail Infrastructure managers, Rail Forwarders, Shippers, logistics service providers, carriers, shipping companies, terminals & transhipment companies, policy makers and administrators.


Leave your details and receive more information about participating in the UK Xmas  Special. You will also receive a sample of the similar digital magazine from our sister publication as well.