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Road trip to Poland webinar

Today, Friday 16 July, our special RailFreight Live webinar takes place at 13:00 CEST. Join us on our road trip to Łódź, Poland! During the one-hour free webinar, you will get a preview of what...Read more
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Join us on our road trip to Lodz, Poland is on a road trip in Lodz, and would like to take you along. We organise a webinar called RailFreight Live, Road Trip to Lodz on Friday 16 July, 1-2pm CEST. In this webinar,...Read more
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Hupac train with chemicals

This week in RailFreight Live: special products on rail

Special products range from chemical substances to food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more. Transporting them by train constitutes a special aspect of the rail freight industry. Compared to conventional cargo, these products are subject to different control...Read more
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