RailFreight Terminal EU Map 2023 Edition

The RailFreight Terminal EU Map 2023 Edition is on its way!!

Continue with our initiative of RailFreight Terminal EU Map 2022, our NEWEST edition will be published in Jan 2023. With 35 advertisements on the map, the opportunity of onboarding is very limited.

(Help us validate the 2022 version)

As an advertiser of the RailFreight EU Terminal Map (2023), you will get:

  • Terminal maps, free of charge. As an advertiser, both you and your partners will get a free paper version of the RailFreight EU Terminal Map (2023).
  • High-quality and high-frequency exposure. The latest map will be issued in a limited edition of 15,000 samples and over a million monthly clicks, among important players in the industry such as freight forwarders, shippers, terminals, railway carriers, policy decision makers, etc.
  • Your corporate logo and information will also be browsed and circulated by these high-quality potential customers along with the map.
  • Long-term publicity benefits. As an information product, the site map will not only be used for sharing among peers, but will also be posted on the walls of corporate conference rooms, offices and other places. This means that you will have unlimited advertising exposure time and publicity benefits.

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