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T3EX Global Holdings

T3EX has more than 50 branch offices in China, combined with dozens of Eurasian cooperative agents to provide comprehensive, professional and high-quality transportation services.
Compound transportation arrangements of sea, air, train and land

Combined with the Group's transportation network, high -elastic logistics composite transportation is provided to effectively save logistics costs and time through multiple logistics services.

The entire cabinet, parallel cabinet, and special cabinet transportation arrangement

T3EX has rich experience in railway transportation operation, providing customers with regular trains, parallel transportation arrangements, and special cargo loading and fixed design schemes.

Ordering line service

Provide custom trains services for customers.

Visiting Address
10F, Kaikai Plaza, No 888, Wanhangdu Rd, Jingan District, 200042
Contact details
86 21 613 39 533
86 21 613 39 566

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