Malaszewicze border crossing. Photo: Grzegorz W. Tężycki

Malaszewicze upgrade may be financed by Polish government

Image: Grzegorz W. Tężycki

Funding for the upgrade of the Malaszewicze rail border crossing between Belarus and Poland might come from the Polish government. “The Ministry of Infrastructure is working on a draft act providing Cargotor with financing for the modernization of Małaszewicze”, a spokesperson from the company told

The need for new funds for the upgrade at Malaszewicze comes from the fact that the European Union decided to stop the financing of the project. This decision was in line with the EU policy focussing on connectivity with Ukraine, including the country’s inclusion in the TEN-T project.

The EU has in fact decided not to fund the modernisation project planned in the Małaszewicze Transshipment Area. The area includes the terminals Kobylany, Małaszewicze, Bór, and Chotyłów. This project was put on hold, waiting for possible public funds, which now may be on their way.

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PKP PLK’s new role might increase investments

Moreover, Cargtor has been recently acquired by the Polish infrastructure manager PKP PLK. As a spokesperson from PKP PLK pointed out, this takeover should result in a “higher investment potential” for the improvement of the efficiency of rail transport, as there are synergies among the investment planned. The upgrade includes the modernisation of the Malaszewicze Cargo Terminal, managed by Cargtor.

Moreover, PKP PLK is planning to improve the rail line between Siedlce and Terespol as well as the cross-border section between Terespol and Brest. These projects aim at improving accessibility, including the extension of a broad gauge track in Teresport and the construction of a new bridge on the Bug river. “The possibility of carrying out the works will depend on the availability of funds,” the PKP PLK spokesperson concluded.

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