Modalis acquires CCFC, launches Europe’s fastest intermodal wagon

Image: Modalis

Intermodal logistics solutions provider Modalis has announced the acquisition of Italian counterpart CCFC while also launching what it describes as “Europe’s fastest intermodal wagon.”

Based in Lallio, near Bergamo, in the Lombardy region, CCFC specialises in the construction of semi-trailers, intermodal transport units (clamp-on semi-trailers and swap bodies), container chassis and special ISO containers, as well as custom modular constructions. The value of the transaction has not been disclosed. CCFC employs more than 60 people and is forecasting sales of 20 million euros in 2023.

‘Massive investment programme’

“The integration of CCFC will make it possible to carry out a number of innovative projects (in particular, a swap body with an automatic bonnet for bulk transport, a side-opening swap body and a modular reel-carrying swap body) and to continue optimisation on work on swap bodies with sliding curtains and clamp-handling semitrailers, commonly called P400s in reference to their size.”

To achieve this, Modalis is embarking on “a massive investment programme of several million euros in the Lallio plant to improve quality, double production and offer innovative equipment, with production targets of 1,000 swap bodies and 1,000 semi-trailers a year by 2025.”

‘Major innovation’

Based in Aix-en-Provence, in south-east France, Modalis expects to post a turnover of 60 million euros this year. It manages a fleet with a capacity of more than 4,000 TEUs and will have a fleet of 1,000 wagons by 2024, including “the fastest intermodal wagon on the European market, a major innovation in the context of decarbonising transport.”

The launch of this wagon comes at a time when France has announced a number of measures to encourage the development of rail freight and where the market has significant growth potential given that the proportion of freight transported on the French rail network represents only 11 per cent, compared to 18 per cent at European level. “It is against this backdrop that Modalis is launching its new Sggmrss 92′ freight wagon, built to run at a speed of 140km/h, and with a potential speed of 160km/h without additional equipment, after several years’ collaboration with Slovakian freight wagon manufacturer Tatravagónka,” the Group explained.

“At this speed, it can fit into the national rail network as a matter of priority, with greater punctuality and reliability. An argument that should appeal to rail freight operators, particularly when it comes to transporting fresh produce, perishable goods, urgent parcels, etc.”

Compliant with the Technical Specifications for Interoperability (TSI), “its innovative ergonomic dimensions (92 ft) allow a wide variety of loads, such as the loading of two 13.60 m (45 ft) refrigerated swap bodies in any position, and limit damage during vertical handling operations. Other features include: three ‘silent’ bogies (two-axle carriage) to reduce traction effort, ‘track-friendliness’, thanks to improved radial steering, lighter weight (tare of 28.5t vs 29.5t for a 90′) to optimise payload, and a high-performance braking system with disc brakes (comparable to passenger cars),” Modalis added. The new wagon will be available for hire from January 2024.

Author: Stuart Todd

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