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Lithuania leaves no room for Belarusian fertilisers

UPDATEAfter terminating the contract with Belarusian potash fertiliser company Belaruskalij, Lithuanian Railways rejected the requests of three more Belarusian companies to transport their products. At the same time, a fourth request is pending. The decision...Read more
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LTG Cargo Polska acquires new locomotives

The Polish subsidiary of LTG Cargo acquired four new locomotives that will help it undertake rail freight operations in Poland. The locomotives belong to the Gama 111Ed locomotives with the Marathon operating system, manufactured by...Read more
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New director takes over LTG Cargo

After Egidijus Lazauskas, the former CEO of LTG Cargo, got appointed as the interim boss of Lithuanian Railways, a new face came to fill his position. Eglė Šimė is the temporary head of LTG Cargo,...Read more
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No trains from China stop in Lithuania anymore

In recent months, the situation between Lithuania and China created many questions regarding rail freight transport between the two countries. Contradicting information said that rail traffic between the two countries will stop. Currently, China-Europe trains...Read more
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Another strike for Lithuanian rail freight?

Political tension rising between Lithuania and China could impact rail freight volumes between the two countries. The Baltic country finds itself in this position again this year. Previously, such developments were related to Belarus. However,...Read more
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Electric locomotives at, Odessa station, Ukraine. PPhoto: Wikimedia Commoms

Lithuania-Ukraine seal rail cooperation

Lithuania and Ukraine have signed a Memorandum of Intent to develop their transport and logistics sectors together. The agreement concerns all modes of transport. However, rail seems to be the primary driver of their cooperation....Read more
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