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Canfranc-Oloron railway track loses vital customers

The chemical company Ercros will no longer use the Spanish-Franco railway track between Canfranc and Oloron. The infrastructure requires upgrades to respond to the market needs, the long-term customer claimed. The railway line is 61.5 km...Read more
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Adif issues new green bonds worth 600 million

The Spanish manager of rail infrastructure Adif has successfully issued 600 million Euros in bonds to invest in projects with environmental benefits. International investors accounted for 67 per cent of the total, with French and...Read more
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Spanish rail engineering to become more efficient

Spanish manager of rail infrastructure Adif has developed a new working methodology for engineering works using digital technologies. This should make the engineering phase of a railway project shorter and more efficient. The methodology is called...Read more
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Civil works to upgrade Madrid-Vicalvaro terminal

The Spanish rail freight terminal Madrid-Vicalvaro will be upgraded with four new rail tracks and a new electronic centre. The Spanish government has authorised the tender to select an engineering firm for the works. The project...Read more
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