Ermewa: 780 new wagons rolling in 2022 and more to come

Image: Ermewa SA

Ermewa, the French rolling stock leasing company, has provided the market with 530 newly built intermodal wagons in the third quarter of 2022. This number is going to increase by the end of the year, as the company stated, reaching 780 new wagons. Moreover, Ermewa claimed that 1,000 more new wagons will be coming by the end of 2023.

The 780 wagons batch consists of four different wagon types, namely Sgmmnss 40′, Sgnss 60′, Sggrss 80′ and Sggmrss 90’-foot wagons. All these new railcars will be equipped with future-proof technology such as a GPS device and pre-equipment to Digital Automatic Coupling (DAC). The 780 wagons will be leased to companies throughout Europe.

Image: Ermewa SA

Manufactured by Inveho, Greenbrier, and Tatravagonka

Three companies are involved in the building process of the wagons: Inveho from France, Greenbrier headquartered in the United States, and Tatravagonka, based in Slovakia. “The new 90′ Sggmrss built by Inveho are a ton lighter than the common models of this size, allowing for more payload or less energy input in traction,” said Ermewa.

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Author: Marco Raimondi

Marco Raimondi is an editor of, the online magazine for rail freight professionals.

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bönström bönström|19.10.22|12:13

All other devices, by air, by sea etc. add load capacity, for reduced costs, so railways, as well, simply has to!
Regrettably old, “state of the art”, infrastructure standards now are obstructing, from the shift, from other modes (the on road…) urgently requested.
Now, forces by system (“tara” by track) by inferior infrastructure, is high, too high.
For sake of railways, for clients, for all, a New Old Railway is needed!
(“Optimal maintenance” is good, but an optimal railway is needed!)

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