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RailFreight Webinar: the impact of Wuhan’s closure on the New Silk Road

Rail freight traffic from the Chinese province of Hubei, with its capital Wuhan, has come to a standstill. Trains are not permitted to leave the province until the end of February. Rail freight traffic from other provinces is still moving, but with severe limitations.

What is the impact on the rail freight industry? Train cancellations, route diversions and a lack of production in general have all been mentioned. How do we deal with this situation? What is still possible and how? These questions and yours were answered during this webinar about the impact of Wuhan’s closure on New Silk Road traffic.

Expert Panel

Moderation by:
Majorie van Leijen, Chief editor at

Expert guests:
Wubbo Mossing Holsteijn, Business Development Manager China at Nunner Logistics
Igor Tambaca, Managing Director at Rail Bridge Cargo
Marco Reichel, rail freight development at Crane Worldwide Logistics
– Jacky Yan, Head of Rail & Intermodal at Chinatrans International Limited 

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