Savvy tracking deal for 3,000 freight wagons

Swiss firm Savvy Telematic Systems has won the right to fit 3,000 freight wagons with digital tracking equipment designed to withstand temperatures as low as -30 degrees centigrade. The five-year deal with ScandFibre Logistics (SFL) and leasing company Transwaggon (TWA) follows a crucial 50-vehicle trial which confirmed the reliability of the system batteries.

Both SFL and TWA say that as a result of the test phase, the telematics provided met the high requirements that were necessary, and that Savvy had proved in the trials to be ‘the most reliable and competent’ telematics provider.

Functionality was rigorously tested on a series of freight wagons across Europe, with particular focus put on the potential for battery drain in the cold Scandinavian countries, the risk of battery discharge, and the configuration flexibility of what Savvy calls the ‘Cargo Trac-I’ telematics units.

Precise position data

They provide ‘real-time’ precise position data along the entire route, encompassing the entire process from freight wagon loading to unloading, and offer an accuracy of up to two metres, including shock detection with configurable thresholds. Set over 1,000 points of interest (POIs, also known as geofences) such as loading and unloading points or switch yards, the distance up to the next 10 POIs is displayed with each position report. As well as transmitting position data and the resulting route deviation and performance data, the system also provides extra shock detection information.

Savvy’s unique selling point is that it also records updates and configuration changes ‘over the airwaves’, while also having the functionality to accommodate the installation, if required, of extra sensors to indicate conditions such as temperature or overloading.

Uniquely innovative

Paul Kaeser, CEO of Savvy Telematic Systems, said: “All three companies complement each other perfectly, and have introduced something uniquely innovative into the process of digitalising transport and logistics for the forestry and paper industries on the Scandinavian market. We are proud we can provide top quality even under the harshest climatic conditions. The competitive advantages are obvious.”

Anders Nilsson, Managing Director of Transwaggon, said the nature of the company’s cross-border operations meant there was a daily challenge of distributing vacant wagons also used for forwarding goods, and so it was always important to know where its 13,500-fleet was located.


“We already have a specially developed market-leading planning system in place, and with Savvy Telematic Systems we can now easily also show our customers exactly where their goods and wagons are located with an accuracy of two metres,” he said. “Digitalisation makes it possible to provide new generation information access to our technicians, transport planners, and current and future customers. Regardless of country and on which railroad the goods are shipped. We plan to develop the Transwaggon brand systems so that they do more than just record geo-data, and, under the name TWA Freight Buddy, TFB provides all of our customers with improved digital services for their goods transports.”

Pär Sund, of ScandFibre’s Logistics Development arm, added: “We at ScandFibre work closely with TWA and SAVVY to prepare ourselves and our Rail17 System for the future digitalisation of the European railroads.”

Author: Simon Weedy

Simon is a journalist for - a dedicated online platform for all the news about the rail freight sector

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