New Silk Road

New Silk Road gateway near Dostyk, Kazakhstan

Eurasian transit acquired a new transhipment terminal on the Kazakh-Chinese border. The new terminal started operating a week ago, with the first ten trains in the China-Europe direction passing through it. Dostyk TransTerminal LLP undertook...Read more
|Comment|author: Nikos Papatolios

Suez disturbance surges Eurasian rail freight

In the month after the Suez incident, there has been an increase in China-Europe rail freight services. This was observed by U-Freight Group, a freight forwarder and logistics provider.  According to the company, the Suez...Read more
|Comment|author: Nikos Papatolios

Uwe Leuschner the new CEO of FELB

The rail freight operator FELB (Far East Land Bridge) has appointed Uwe Leuschner as its new CEO. Leuschner will concentrate on the strategical alignments of FELB Group, Business Development and International Relations. He previously worked...Read more
|Comment|author: Majorie van Leijen

And up goes the container rate…again

The price of the China-Europe Express train has surged again. This is after a short, calm period in March, as a result of the Chinese Spring Festival. However, the Suez Canal blockade ushered in another...Read more
|Comment|author: Huilin Shi